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Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara

Pointing Star
April 16 - July 30, 2023

spiral red.jpg
MCASB-11560v1 copy_edited_edited_edited.

The solo exhibition by Sarah Rosalena, Pointing Star, is a series of textiles and ceramics that refigure eight-pointed star motifs used across Turtle Island — here in Wixárika patterns — as a template for weaving images of stars. Works are viewed as hybrid forms, both created by hand and programmed software. For example, Spiral Arm uses a Hubble telescope image of the Milky Way, where the artist reinterpreted each pixel of the digital image into a set of complex weave structures, then handwoven on her loom. 

The exhibition also incorporates eight-pointed star motifs in ceramic, directly taken from the textiles. As the title suggests, the star motif is not an axis or compass, but rather an entrance into the boundless, which contains all conceivable and inconceivable directions at once. The design points in all directions, representing the entirety of the Universe beyond measurement and borders. The woven works point to the infinite as glitch, generating new possibilities for geospatial edges and digital color (RGB). 

An acclaimed feature in Rosalena’s work is her use of weaving and digital fabrication across mediums of clay and hand-dyed fiber, demonstrating the process of the creation and mastery of string figures possessed in mathematical thought toward infinity. Generated works are constantly becoming, providing new aesthetic modes of thinking, making, and being. Their patterns can trace long networks that enable technological formations and infrastructures based on the origin of the computer: the Jacquard loom. Each pattern has its own human subjectivity and outcome of a historically specific practice that has symbolic resonances within their materialization.

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