Strata Reiteration levitates rare earth materials and dimensional satellite scans of Molycorp Rare Earth Mine, a gravesite to materials used in building electronics and screens. It explores how Earth has been reformed by infrastructures of resource extraction and technology by graphically tracing its imprint. 


The kinetic work suspends 300 lbs of gravel covered in graphite, one of the minerals extracted from Molycorp, slowing overflowing. It moves as an infinite process 0f production and reproduction, between space and time, as a reclamation of material representation.


The static work traces each extracted earthen layer by lidar point cloud topographical data and a CNC milling machine, as a ghost of its material essence. 

300 lbs of graphite and gravel, motor, custom software, LIDAR point cloud of Molycorp Mine, cast ceramic, aluminum, carved prototyping foam, 2017