AI-generated textile, cotton, training: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite images taken from High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE), 2020, 60 x 80 in

ABOVE BELOW is a series of textiles using computer code to project and reshape satellite images of ice from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, a spacecraft orbiting Mars, from a neural network based on Earth. Pointing to Mars provides a different perspective and scale for imaging terrains. It operates between signifiers of planetary change, BLUE and RED—the desertification of the Blue Planet and colonizing the Red Planet. BLUE and RED both formed by millions of years of water and climate, now captured from above and below. The notion of up or down—above or below—dissolves in space, following its reversal. Both sides of the AI-generated Jacquard textile mirror a technological deconstruction coming from and being on Earth. Pixels and boundaries, real and virtual, are distorted and broken, pointing back to Earth’s RED moment—California’s skies resemble a martian planet*.

*textiles were woven in Southern California while sheltering-in-place from both the COVID-19 pandemic and one the worst fire seasons of California’s history. Over 4 million acres burned in more than 8,200 wildfires.

Photos: Jenalee Harmon

Above Below Essay published by Fulcrum Arts 

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